What we do

Our aim is to support people with complex mental health needs to regain their independence through evidence based clinical interventions.  We incorporate a multi-disciplinary team approach, which includes psychology, Occupational Therapy, social work and mental health nursing.

On receiving a referral one of our senior team members will carry out an assessment of need and, if appropriate, offer a placement at the Foothills.  Following this we encourage progressive visits to The Foothills to help your client settle in and develop their individualised care plan with their named key worker.

Individuals will be encouraged to take part in daily activities, which may include:

  • Living skills
  • Personal care
  • Education/ Occupation
  • Exercise

Individual care plans may also include:

  • Occupational Therapy sessions
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions

Each individual will be encouraged to pursue any hobbies or interest as part of their stay at the Foothills and will be taken into account in their care plan.

At the end of each month a detailed progress report will be provided to all professionals involved and all MDT reviews will be attended by their named key worker.

what we do flow chart


For further information please contact us.